Why are our shoes unique?

A little about Wobbly Waddlers Shoes… Why are our shoes unique?

Wobbly Waddlers leather toddler shoes are not mass-produced like many of the big brand names. Instead, they’re carefully cut, stitched and assembled by hand by skilled artisan shoemakers in Leon, Mexico who take pride in the quality of their finished product. 

The shoes are specially designed with all the orthopedic/anatomical requirements for toddlers and first-time walkers.  The combination of the arch support and a firm heel counter for ankle support makes the shoes really unique.

We are devoted to sustainable manufacturing practices by partnering with small, independent shoe manufacturers who provide fair wages, safe working conditions and competitive benefits. We believe that honest and dignifying jobs can create positive change in the families and communities where our artisans live.

We also believe in the power of giving, that’s why each purchase of Wobbly Waddlers Shoes supports donations to help toddlers reach gross motor developmental milestones by teaming up with Pediatric Physical Therapists and non profits focused on helping families in need of pediatric physical therapy.


  • Genuine all natural breathable leather upper and lining: Children's feet perspire more than an adult feet, that’s why Wobbly Waddlers™ Shoes are made of genuine leather. Leather allows the foot to breathe and also adapts to the shape and movement of the foot. Leather is strong enough to support the foot, it’s easy to clean and resists weather and dirt.

  • Built-in leather insole provides contouring comfort and support: Most toddlers under sixteen months have not yet developed arches. At this early age almost all of the bones in their feet are cartilage. There is often a natural pad in the arch area of the foot, which gives the appearance of a flat foot. The arch support in the Wobbly Waddlers™ shoes actually helps to distribute body weight equally over the entire foot ensuring comfort in each step. It also helps release pressure in the joints. Arch support in the baby’s first shoes can improve body alignment, prevent future heel pain, ankle pain, knee pain and back pain.

  • The First Step Stable Foot Technology™provides great ankle supportand helps toddlers balance and keep them from falling when walking on uneven surfaces outside. Also ensures proper foot placement to prevent the foot from slipping forward.

  • Wide rounded toe box Wobbly Waddlers™ shoes are shaped to follow the contours of the toddler’s foot.It gives those little toes plenty of room to wiggle, spread, curl, and room to grow.  

  • The First Step Nature Flex Technology™ features a flexible rubber sole that allows toddler to feel the ground under his or her feet. This technology and design ensure that the shoes are not overly rigid, and allow the foot bend naturally with each step, improving ankle strength and balance. This is as close as a baby can get that barefoot feeling, while still having the protection needed when playing outside. Wobbly Waddlers rubbersoles also ensure better grip on any slippery surfaces.

  • Handmade in Mexico. Each Wobbly Waddlers™ shoe is made with care and with the highest quality materials and sustainable manufacturing practices. We proudly handcraft all Wobbly Waddlers™ in the city of León, a city renowned  for manufacturing leather shoes since 1645. León has an established and self sustaining footwear manufacturing cluster with all the suppliers located within a 22 mile radius. First Step Shoe Company, LLC  benefits from the highly specialized shoe makers and a skilled local labor force to produce the best quality shoes for your toddler. Our suppliers’ factories share a corporate social responsibility, with fair wages and safe working conditions, and competitive benefits.

  • Closed-toe sandal to keep tiny toes and toe nails protected when children crawl, walk or fall.

  • Adjustable velcro strap closure: Makes for easy on and off.It also makes your Wobbly Waddlers™ easy to adjust to the feet and ensure a comfortable fit.

  • Approved by pediatricians and podiatrists: Be assured that with the purchase of Wobbly Waddlers you are providing your toddler with shoes that will help a healthy foot development.