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Product Overview

⚘ 100% GENUINE LEATHER - Buttery soft and lightweight suede leather moccasin for baby and toddler girl. These gorgeous T-strap moccasins have soft leather lining on the inside that keeps your baby’s feet dry all day long.

⚘ BUILT-IN ARCH SUPPORT INSOLE - This moccasin has a soft arch support that helps with balance and support for little developing feet.

⚘ FOSTER YOUR BABY GIRL’S INDEPENDENCE - and let her put on her own shoes!! Our insole has a fun Happy Face that works like a “puzzle” that helps him quickly learn how to put on his own shoes on the right feet.

⚘ STABLE FOOT TECHNOLOGY™️ -  This cute girl mocs have a non skid rubber sole that is flat, flexible, and it extends towards the heel and ankle to provide more stability in this area.

⚘ CONSCIOUSLY HANDCRAFTED - Each Wobbly Waddler Shoe is cut, stitched and crafted one at a time by hand from start to finish by skilled artisan shoemakers in Mexico. We ensure that our shoemakers earn fair wages, competitive benefits and work in a safe and healthy environment.  

 THE WOBBLY WADDLERS ADVANTAGE: The perfect combination of function and fashion for your little one.

About Wobbly Waddlers Moccasin Shoes Charlotte

As a mom, I always prefer to have natural materials for my children when I can. These first step moccasins are nicely made with high quality and thick suede leather. They have a strong velcro closure that keeps them secured around the ankle without being tight and they withstand a busy toddler.

The awesome arch and ankle support these shoes provide will help your daughter in her learning to walk the stage and beyond.

How many times your baby has tried to put on her own shoes and she ends up with them on the wrong foot? This is over!! Now your independent baby can put on her shoes in the right foot every single time. There is a “puzzle” with a fun smiley face right on the insole that will help her as a cue to distinguish the left from the right shoe.

This style has the classic moccasin design, but with a modern look. With a great color combination that matches most clothes. They can be worn with jeans, leggings, skirts or dresses. I’m sure that your little girl will constantly get compliments on her outfit.

Don’t think it more, just add this shoes to your cart, you will absolutely love them and so will your baby!

❤️ What our customers are saying? 

"Dear Wobbly Waddlers,
First, let me say that I absolutely LOVE your shoes!!!!! They are comfortable, very well made and literally the best shoes on the market for babies and toddlers. They were fantastic first shoes for my son and I believe I purchased 10 pairs or so. If I have another baby - Wobbly Waddler will be The shoe to go to!
Thank you so much for your fantastic shoes."
Marta Sears. 

Hampton, VA.


“Great shoes. Absolutely love them. They look so cute on my shoe and the leather holds up. They fit perfect and also support his ankles which is great for a first time walker. I would buy these again and recommend them to anyone. Definitely worth the money spent.”